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For the past few years I have been challenged to choose one word that God is speaking to me for each new year.

I wanna set the picture a little bit... 2018 was "interesting".

I can solidly recognize two themes for 2018. First was that God was big at work the first six months stripping things away. (Sometimes He does that.) Many things I had counted as cherished. Cherished and supposedly secure. Relationships I thought would never end. Relationships I thought couldn't possibly change. A position and job I adored. A place of belonging I had not known before. Ideas of who I thought I was and possibilities of why I did things. Concepts I held of who others were.

The last six months of 2018 I dug deep into the aftereffects of the sudden losses from the first half of the year. Things were abruptly gone from my life (transplanting your family half way across the globe every few years will do that... amongst other situations). I intentionally scrambled to learn the how's of …

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