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the last of a list of too many: how to finish strong

The remainder of my list is too long for this one post, but I am not sure of my capacity to complete what I started in smaller increments. At this stage in my transition this post is about my attempt to honor what I started rather than readability. So here are the last of too many on how to finish strong:

Don’t engage hatred. Be attuned to the root of bitterness sneaking into your heart and your mind.

Be angry. Be sad. Be happy. Don't get stuck in your emotions or use them as rational for mistreatment of others, but don't repress your emotions. They won't miraculously disappear and you aren't any more or any less holy for pretending not to feel. Do the hard work to feel your emotions (even the ones you don't like) and as you are able to understand them, give them back to the Lord as offerings.

Repent as soon as you hear Him reminding you of any need for it. This is strength. Not a weakness. Your relationship between you and Him is not subject to other people. You c…

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